Education is habit-forming rather than information;
illumination rather than indoctrination,
inspiration rather than compulsion.

Dr.V.T.Chandrasekaran, M.Sc., M.Phil., M.C.A., Ph.D.



Greetings to all

Let me acknowledge my indebtedness to all those who have lent and are still lending helping hands in the successful functioning of Jawahar Science College. I am particularly happy and proud to have taken over as the third Principal of this college which bears the name of our first prime minister and founded with the sole mission of rendering the sequence of enlightening the downtrodden and the rural students and empowering them through higher education.

This college caters to the educational needs at higher level, of the students of Cuddalore and Villupuram districts. The two districts are rural districts and by and large educational and economic status of these districts cannot be dubbed high. The students of these districts lack the kind of exposure that their counter parts in the cities are blessed with and it is the greatest disadvantage and handicap for their growth.

I have a vision to lift up this college to the global standards and plot it in the world map as the typical college from which the highest intellectuals, administrators, Professionals and value preservers and disseminators emanate. I am earnestly interested in promoting such general and special career oriented programmes so as to qualify and entitle the graduates for meeting the professional challenges at the global level

Since from the existence of the college, it achieves good results and performance of the academic curriculum is on the higher side.

The college always encourages students to participate in sports and games on all India level.

I am sure, with the help and cooperation of the management of the college, staff & students,  the college would soon become accredited and meritorious.






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