Education is habit-forming rather than information;
illumination rather than indoctrination,
inspiration rather than compulsion.

  • Thiru.S. Elangovan,M.L.I.S.,M.Sc.,M.Ed., PGDG&C., M.Phil., College Librarian[S.G.]


College Library


A library is the heart and treasure house of any educational Institution from where the Invigorating blood of knowledge is flowing to nourish and sustain life in various teaching departments.

Our Library is an academic library catering to the needs of the members of the staff and Students of Jawahar Science College. In order to disseminate the right information to the right users at the right time, it will be convenient for everyone if the following rules are adhered to.

1. The Library is under the direct supervision of the Principal.

2. All the members of the staff and students of the college are members of the Library.

3. The library is open on all working days from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

4. Readers desirous of using the library shall enter their names and address legibly in the register which is kept in the entrance.

5. Strict silence and decorum must be observed in the Library.

6. Every student member will be given two library tickets. A book will be lent to every student in exchange for one of these tickets. The tickets are not transferable.

7. The members, who have lost library tickets, shall make a written report to the collegeLibrarian immediately.

8. The student is responsible for any book borrowed on his/her library ticket.

9. The students are not allowed to sub-lend the library books.

10. All markings, underlining, and annotating anywhere in the book are strictly forbidden.

11. The students may reserve the books which are not immediately available and those books will be issued to such students in the order of reservation.

12. Before leaving the counter the member must satisfy himself/herself as to whether the book lent to him/her is in good condition. If not, the members should bring the matter to the notice of the college librarian immediately.

13. No student shall retain a book for more than two weeks. The book should be produced before the college Librarian for renewal. Not more than two renewals will be allowed on any book.

14. The college librarian may recall a book from the borrower at any time even before the due date.

15. A borrower shall replace any book lost by him/her or pay such compensation as decided by the Principal.

16. Students shall pay a fine of 50 paise for every working day when a book is retained after due date. Even after 30 days if the book is not returned, the student will not be permitted to use the library till the book is returned and the fine is paid.

17. The reference books/newspapers, periodicals and journals can be referred to only within the library and shall not be lent out.

18. All Library tickets shall be returned to the library by the students leaving the college.

19. All books and other library dues shall be cleared on the notified date before the close of each term. Failure to do so may entail withholding the issue of certificates or hall tickets.

20. The library may accept donation of books, periodicals etc., from individuals, Governments, Institutions, societies etc., with the approval of the Principal/Secretary/JSC. Such donations will become absolute property of the college.

21. The college Librarian will be glad to receive any suggestions from the readers towards the improvement of the Library service.



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