Education is habit-forming rather than information;
illumination rather than indoctrination,
inspiration rather than compulsion.

  • Tmt.K.Santhakumari, M.A., M.P.E & S., M.Phil. Physical Training Instructress/ SG & DPE (I/C)

Physical Education


Health is wealth; Sports activities are the key to maintain good health. A good sportsman brings pride and joy to himself as well as to the institution which promotes him.

The Physical Education Department of our college takes great pride in training athletes to participate in Inter-collegiate tournaments and Zonal competitions. Our college students have proved themselves second to none in displaying phenomenal abilities in the Sports front.

The joint efforts of the sports committee and the student players have bestowed a special niche for the college in the field of sports. Even at the admission level, students who have excelled in State / National level sports are given special preference.



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